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I agree! I would love to any single one of these people you listed host the Oscars!

I profoundly disagree with your list of suggested hosts for next year's Oscar Telecast which we now know will be held on February 26, 2012. The Academy should immediately announce that Melissa Leo and Kate Winslet will serve as co-hosts. Just as thelevision has a "Joan and Melissa Show," The Academy should establish a "Kate and Melissa Show." Since both of these verry talented actresses have a reputation for using "language that would make a sailor blush," ABC will have to hire physicians to monitor the hearts and the blood pressures of its censors. If nothing else, the evening will be unpredictable!

Now that the Academy has announced that next year's Oscar Telecast will be held on February 26, 2012, the Washington D.C. Police Department has demanded that Charlie Sheen be hired to host the show. If he is selected, the entire Washington, D.C. Police Department will be dispatched to Hollywood to provide Mr. Sheen with a police escort from his home to the Kodak Theater. They estimate that the motorcade will travel at the rate of 80 mph and drop Mr. Sheen off on the Red Carpet for a series of interviews with reporters who have "tiger blood."

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