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Interesting, but you failed to mention two things.

First, the South had far more than a million men available. They had some 9 million white males, and 4 million blacks.

Since the South used slaves extensively in the war effort (Lee used 100,000 slaves in Richmond alone, to dig the massive earth works) you have to to attribute slaves to the Confederate potential, since the Condfederacy actually used slaves extensively.

Second, you left out March 1861, the Southern leaders in Montgomery issue the Five Ultimatums, as reported in Southern Newspapers at the time. New York newspapers reported the exact same Ultimatums, a day later.

All Five SOuthern ULtimatums were about one thing -- the SPREAD of slaver by force, against the will of the people and against the wishes of the states.

To not mention the Southern Ultimatums is like trying to explain WW2 without mentioning Pearl Harbor.

Only when LIncoln refused to obey the Southern ULtimatums, did the South attack.

Or just google "Southern Ultimatums"

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