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Bob Herbert a Pulitzer? Seriously? The man has the thickest, heaviest set of liberal blinders on outside the Berkeley faculty lounge. He's absolutely incapable of an inkling of critical thought about Democratic orthodoxy. He's like a worse Frank Rich (without the elan) or a worse Paul Krugman (without the intellectual distinction). He's the only member of the op-ed page whom it is always worth skipping. Given the headline of a Herbert column, it is always possible to predict the outline and conclusion of the column. Herbert's career is one of those many embarrassments that gives affirmative action a bad name. It's an absolute mystery why they don't give his spot to Stanley Crouch, John McWhorter or Ta-Nehisi Coates. Herbert's circa-1963 vintage liberalism is absolutely impervious to any set of facts or logic that would challenge it, and he doesn't even seem to realize it, and he's moreover a leaden writer. In terms of rigor or sophistication, he's not even worthy of sitting in on a David Brooks seminar.

I found this page through the link in Mike Allen's playbook, and the op-ed memoir is fascinating, but I'm sorry to say, the praise for Herbert is enough for me to completely lose all interest in ever reading anything posted here ever again. Best wishes.

Thanks for an informative blog and, specifically, for the information to settle an argument with a journalistic colleague, who held the (erroneous) "popular belief" that the New York Times invented the op-ed page.

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