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Interesting article, except that Jessica Lynch was never a POW, it was actually a publicity stunt meant to garner support for the war. She write all about it in her memoir. She was taken CARE OF by the Iraqis, but the military dispatched a "rescue team" to help support their made-up story about Lynch being an injured prisoner of war, when in actuality she was being well tended to in an Iraqi hospital.

Whoops, of course I mean to write "She wrote all about it . . ."

Also, incidentally, Pat Tillman was one of the soldiers dispatched with the "rescue mission", and he had suspected it was a publicity stunt. The military used Tillman to glorify the war, and make the military seem like the hero. To create a fictional situation by unjustly vilifying the 'enemy' and lying to the American public is unconscionable, and has given the military a bad reputation, along with various other problems with bad behavior by our troops that I won't get into.

It is said that JS Huntlands author of the 'Nick Twisted Minds (Domestic Violence) series and the 'Me and My Best Friend (Children's interactive books) series is to be in the top 50 up-coming authors......

Media only:
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Weekly World Mews Breaking Story-Western Mew York
In a brazen CopyKat attempt to monopolize on the ongoing Balloon Boy Saga that is capturing headlines around the world
this week, a media hungry Siamese Kat contacted the Weekly World Mews to report that his two month old kitten
Stubby Marie had just floated out the bathroom window in an experimental "No PeeYew" battery operated litter box, and
was last seen gaining altitude and soaring above the treetops in the small village of Wheelsvile, Mew York.
He stated that he had been alerted to the tragedy by the frantic mewing of Stubby Marie, but by the time he got to
the bathroom, the kitty litter box, designated as the "NPY-1" by its creator Julius Meezer (Stubby's father), had already
sailed over the head of Slash, the backyard dog and was headed for the ionosphere. The "NPY-1" allegedly utilizes a battery
operated induction style overhead fan driven ventilation system in a closed compartment "PrivacyPlus" litter containment
system with motion sensor self actuating in/out kitty doors. Julius Meezer has stated that the experimental comfort station
was still in development stage and that all kittens had been warned against the usage of the "NPY-1" until the automatic
fan speed adjustment was installed and a glitch in the door sensor panel was worked out. Meezer theorizes that Stubby
Marie must have gotten stuck in the box when the door wouldn't open, and that lift from the muffin fan caused the comfort
station to rise from its corner in the bathroom and fly out the open window. Weekly World Mews staff immediately
contacted Slash, the backyard dog for confirmation of his claim and he denied that the event ever occurred, and that he
would know because he has been on constant duty at his station for the last 4 years, and nothing gets past him, certainly
not a flying kat box. He stated that he believes that the Siamese kat was perpetrating a hoax or publicity stunt in an
attempt to gain notoriety. Slash, the backyard dog also related that Julius Meezer aka, The Empurror of Mew York will do
anything to get attention, and believes it has something to do with his past history of Catnip abuse and the 15 minutes of
fame he received in a recent Weekly World Mews front page story exposing the infamous Rat Boy.
A WWM staffer returned the call to Mr. Meezer today and informed him that we had just spoken to Slash, the backyard dog
and that he had vehemently denied that the incident had taken place. Our reporter pressed him for the truth on the matter
of the kitten flight, the existence of the "NPY-1" and his past history of catnip abuse, as alleged by Slash, the backyard dog.
After the question there was a brief pause on his end of the phone line, the sound of claws scratching on furniture and Julius
Meezer replied in a rather huffy tone, "Never Mind" and hung up on the reporter. Weekly World Mews commends Slash, the
backyard dog and our fact checking staff for preventing what could have become a time consuming and costly waste of
emergency resources and emotions by rescue personnel on a vital mission to save a kitten that didn't even lose a mitten,
much less fly out the window in a nonexistent kitty box. Shame on you Julius Meezer!

One of the best phony news stories comes from H.L. Mencken's Newspaper Days. A Baltimore Herald reporter made up an account of a man getting a terrifying shock when his umbrella became entangled with a new type of electric street light. The story created an uproar when it was revealed to be a hoax. The Herald ran numerous corrections and ultimately settled a libel suit with the electric company. Of course, if rained the day before the settlement was to be finalized. And while lifting his umbrella to clear the way for a passerby, a pedestrian received a shock from an overhead streetlight that knocked him dead cold.

Abel Raises Cain... a fantastic documentary about hoaxing the media:

Your mention of the 1875 Chicago theater fire hoax is interesting, since 28 years later the Iroquis Theater Fire in Chicago took 571 lives, due to a lack of fireproof curtains, inadequate exits, and other failures. The problem with the hoax is that it got all the attention and not the fire safety issues it was supposed to point out. As usual, honesty is the best policy

Illinois residents fall for a "buried treasure" prank that was planted 50 years earlier. Longest Time-Delayed Prank in History

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