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I also ask the same thing and good that you shared this to me so informative blog. Keep posting!


food in USA is very expensive ..compared with food prices in my country everything is 2X TO 10X more expensive

say even oranges grown in Florida are 2X more expensive then oranges in my country (I live in continental Europe and we import oranges from middle east)
so what ever you wrote in this article its just plain nonsense ..does not make any sense.
especial since agriculture in my country (actually in all the countries in the region)can't not be compared with US neither in productivity (per acre) nor the quantities produced (per citizen)and on top of it we pay for gas 3X MORE THEN AMERICANS RIGHT NOW so any transportation of say wheat should be heavily burdened by that fact alone and yet bread in my country is 6 X cheaper then in USA and funny enough of better quality (just to compare .one loaf of bread is 0.65 CENTS ..or 2 POUNDS OF BREAD FRESHLY BAKED IS 0.65 CENT)...I think its all pure speculation (a scam pointed to citizens of US)evidently US has a problem with monopolies ..thank god I don't live in your country ..

Taking advantage.

Due to the "increase in oil proces" reflecting on gas prices......rolling out to the cost of food, most grocery stores in my region have doubled the price of each individual item on their shelves. Where Milk used to be about $1.57 a gallon it is now between $3.75 and $4.99 and goes up and down like it is a part of the stock market. Produce doubled so that where I used to get green bell peppers for 3 for a dollar two years ago I now pay anywhere from $1 each to $1.89 for one. This trend has gotten so nocticeable you hear the angry rumbling of the people buying groceries locally who are told, "well the cost of gas has gone up".

Am I alone in thinking that doubling the cost of every single item in the store doesn't offset the increase of gasoline by $0.10 to $0.26 as seen by a tuck loaded with produce, but instead adds thousands of dollars profit to that very same truck load.

Why? Free enterprise. When corporate America discovered the "punishment" for greed and the subesquent failure was bailout, the trend was "turn thre screws tighter" nobody is being a watchdog against gouging anymore OR protecting the consumer. Just look around it becomes painfully clear. Why should anything be different for the grocery chain? Should they not be allowed to cash in on the rampant rape of the American people that the gas companies, the auto industries, the banks, and the airlines have enjoyed?

It's free enterprise people. The gloves are off in corporate America and the theme is, "rape and pillage". The tagline "let the buyer beware". So I guess if we don't like it, we just have to stop buying...and stop eating.....or figure something else out.

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